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What is Corporate Program

Just 4 Simple Steps!

Corporate Program

Corporate Program allows you to Create Digital Digital Business V Cards for Your Employees in a Smart Way. Digital Card is a special type of service which represents a Digital Visiting card and can be used to showcase your business digitally.

The Main Motive of Corporate program is to spread the concept of Digital Card Concept in order to replace traditional paper visiting cards to save trees and represent your business in Digital Way.

What are the benefits Company/Corprate Program

As now you know What is dealership program is, let’s check what are the actual benefits of the Dealership program to Dealers. 4 Methods of Earnings.

Brand Specific Templates

Own /Customized Templates

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Who Can Register in the Corporate Program ?

Corporate/Company program can be joined by any Small/Mid/Business as well as Entrepreneurs. Just before joining our Corporate program, please Contact Us.


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